Clarins Gold Salon

Welcome to the Dean & Smedley Beauty Gold Appointed Clarins Skin Spa,
Enjoy our warm welcome, relaxing atmosphere, attentive service and expert advice.

Every client will find the customised treatment they are looking for. Effective treatments for the face and body with immediate beauty results and long-term benefits.

2012 was a very special year to us at the Ashby Salon as we won the Clarins Gold Salon of the year.
So why not book one of our Clarins experiences now and get a taste of heaven!

Clarins treatments are only available at our Ashby Salon.

Clarins Wellness Treatments

New head-to-toe treatments for when you need a moment of 'me-time' away from your busy lifestyle to release stress and tension, re-energize and improve your mood.

The Wellness "Touch"

"Leminscate" is a spiral, figure-of-eight movement carried out in a continuous manner on the face and body; it helps regulate vital energy and facilitates deep relaxation. For each Wellness Treatment "Leminscate" adopts a specific rhythm and level of pressure.

Beauty Sleep (P) (M)
Energy Booster

Just like a good night's sleep

Feeling stressed, exhausted, lack of sleep?
This calming journey for the skin, mind and senses induces a state of total relaxation.

After the treatment, you will look and feel rested, stress levels will be reduced and sleep quality will improve*.

We recommend this treatment towards the end of the day to relax and unwind.

Boost your mind and lift your spirits

This vitality-boosting, mood-enhancing treatment uses energising massage movements and optimised pressure to sweep away stress away stress and help rebalance body and mind.

After your skin will look radiant and your body will feel recalibrated.

*includes consultation
1 hour 30 mins
*includes consultation
1 hour 30 mins

* Using a questionnaire from a Doctor with well-being and stress expertise, 104 women responded to 7 questions (using a 5-point scale) regarding their stress level and 7 questions regarding their quality of sleep.
These questions were asked before the treatment and one day following the treatment. Analysing these responses gives an overall level of perceived stress and sleep quality which proves the effectiveness of The Beauty Sleep Treatment on improving both.

** Satisfaction tested on 104 women immediately after treatment.

Clarins Body Massages
Rebalancing Massage
Hot Stone Massage

With Relax or Tonic Essential Oils

A deeply relaxing and rhythmic full body massage which uses a bespoke sequence of slower movements and pressure-point techniques to release even long-standing knots and tensions within the deeper muscle layers.

The effect is intensified with an essential oil blend rich in either soothing basil, camomile and petit grain or invigorating rosemary, mint and geranium.

With Relax Body Treatment Oil

A deeply relaxing and uniquely personalised hot stone massage that gently releases tension, soothes aching muscles, eliminates toxins and calms mind and body.

The secret is in the intuitive way the therapist uses her hands in harmony with 9 smooth, individually shaped, heat-releasing marble and slate stones.

Intensified by relax body treatment oil, rich in relaxing aromatic essential oils.

*includes consultation
1 hour 30 mins
*includes consultation
1 hour 10 mins
Expert Body Treatments
Body Shaper
Body Renew

In this treatment we combine draining and detoxifying massage with potent plant enriched products to enhance your silhouette.

Like all of our treatments, we'll start with a comprehensive skin analysis so we can best tailor it to you and your body.

From firming to tightening, to brightening and rehydrating, we'll make sure you leave feeling your most confident.

The wear of day-to-day life can be a lot for your body to take.

This blissfully relaxing treatment will refresh your skin, bringing you, back to you.

We start with a gentle exfloliation to detox and renew the skin, then add an indulgent layer of lotion to deliver deep hydration.

Ultimately enhancing not just your body but also your mind.

*includes consultation
1 hour 30 mins
*includes consultation
1 hour 30 mins
Skin Smoother

An intensive double exfoliation treatment to deep cleanse and retexture skin

This complete exfoliating treatment is the ideal preparation for all Clarins Body Treatments. Using both mechanical and biological exfoliation techniques, it promotes extremely soft, bright and more evenly toned skin.

*includes consultation
45 mins

(P) Treatments suitable for pregnant women over 12 weeks.

(M) Treatments suitable for men.

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