Here at Dean & Smedley Beauty we only work with one nail brand which we believe is the best.
Jessica manicures and pedicures are not only pampering but help with the condition of the skin and nails.

The cornerstone of the JESSICA System is the ability to analyse and recognize each nail type and treat each nail with specially formulated treatments.

Jessica Geleration "The 3 week manicure!"

Jessica has developed a gel/polish with the health of the natural nail in mind.
This gel formula delivers a long-lasting, flawless finish that dries in seconds and protects the natural nail.

Geleration Manicure* (P)
Geleration Pedicure* (P)

Starts off with a nail soak and cuticle removal,
cut and file and buff of the nail bed.

Then the application of the gel/polish, for that flawless look.

Foot soak, cuticle removal, cut and file of the toe nails.

Then the application of the gel/polish, for that flawless look.

1 hour
1 hour 15 mins
1 hour 15 mins
1 hour 30 mins
Geleration Soak off and Tidy** (P)

Removal of the Jessica Geleration Gel/Polish including a nail tidy with a quick rehydration to the cuticles

*Free when booking your next appointment

30 mins

**We recommend all of our clients who have the Geleration manicures and pedicures make an appointment for the soak-off and tidy to prevent the nails from becoming damaged. When this is booked with a Geleration re-apply, the removal is free of charge (providing the previous Geleration was applied in one of our Salons). Unfortunately, we do not remove other brands of gel as it is not compatible with Jessica removal products.
Please note, if booked with an application, a removal fee will still be charged even if it is no longer needed on the day of treatment.

Homecare/Aftercare advice

After your gel/polish manicure or pedicure, we advise you to do the following to help get the best results from your treatment.

  • Immediately after the treatment, avoid contact with water for at least 2 hours.
  • Always book a follow up appointment before leaving the salon.
  • Never use your nails as tools.
  • Always return to the salon to soak-off your gels.
  • Never peel or pick off gel as it can damage the natural nail.
  • Use gloves when cleaning and cooking as some products can discolour the nails.
  • Avoid soaking the nails for prolonged periods of time (baths, washing up and swimming).
  • Always follow the advice given to you from your Therapist.

*The product is a gel polish it could chip, discolour and lift from the nail plate if it is not treated with care.

(P) Treatments suitable for pregnant women over 12 weeks.

(M) Treatments suitable for men.

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